Judi Stewart and Guy Cowley

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Leaving the UK

Getting out of our house (which is let for 1 year) with all our personal belongings going into store and deciding what we needed for India was a nightmare.  After lots of labelling of boxes and putting aside what we’d need, like winter clothes when back in the UK, we still found we had forgotten to keep some necessities within reach.  “Where’s the car registration”!!!  - necessary for some of the east Europe countries we were travelling to before India.  Of course it turns up in the last box that you look in!!

The flight to India though was a breeze.  Mark (Guy’s brother) kindly let us store our car at his place.  After delivering the car Mark did the very decent thing of driving us to the station. We glided into Gatwick very relaxed and had our first trip on Emirates.  We’d certainly fly with them again.  They even have a drinks trolley before dinner, which makes you feel like you are dining rather than having your ‘take-away’ thrown onto your lap.  

We flew via Dubai with a 7 hours stop-over. Here again it really wasn’t a hassle as Dubai airport has seats with footrests. I managed to make my carry-on bag into a pillow and got a good couple of hours cat nap.  Guy didn’t fare so well. It all seemed to be going my way as I even found a Starbucks who did soya lattes.