#edcmooc – It’s not the technology, it’s me!

Reflecting on the first two weeks of EDCMOOC, we have seen many views of technology – broadly split into idealistic/utopian or fearful/dystopian views of the impact technology might have on our lives.  In too many of these views however, the user is shown as a follower – either as a happy and fulfilled user, mindlessly following a tech-led path or as a helpless victim, exploited by the negative controls imposed through technology.  Even in Week 3, which is about being human within a digital culture, there are still follower elements – “…in the debate about the implications of digital..technologies, what (and who) will define authoritative notions of normative, exemplary, desirable humanity…” (Graham, 2002).  We seem to be looking for someone else to define what is our appropriate positioning in respect of technology.

My graphic for the Week 3 competition suggests that it is all about us – how we behave and whether we choose to use technology as a facility to help us to improve, or whether we allow ourselves to be seduced and diminished by merely indulging in it.  Sitting at home, outside an organisational context, I feel enormously enabled by technology. It allows me to feel part of a network of people who will support my intellectual development (and I hope they feel the same!).  This does not come for free however, it requires effort and thought and a conscious positioning with technology and applications which makes them likely to contribute positively to personal growth.


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2 thoughts on “#edcmooc – It’s not the technology, it’s me!

  1. Maria

    Dear Guy, I found your blog via the #edcmooc news & was overwhelmed by your graphic. it explains everything I feel about the digital land we are venturing in. I am so impressed because you are absolutely right & you just put it in one single image: its all about how we deal with it. Its all in our personal attitude and I just wanted to thank you for it! Will link it to my own blog if you agree!
    Greetings from Berlin: Maria


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